40 Great Reasons to Learn French

1. Spoken by 284 million people

Seventy-six million people claim French as their mother tongue. Another 208 million people speak French as a second language. So French is spoken by a whopping 284 million people worldwide.

2. 6th most spoken language

There are around 6,500 languages spoken worldwide. French is one of the most popular languages because it is the 6th most spoken language in the world.

3. 2nd most learnt language

The popularity of a language can be measured from the number of students learning a particular language. French not only has the highest number of learners in the world but also most taught language barring English. French is learnt by a whopping 125 million students around the world.

4. A language of the internet.

The most used language of the internet can be derived from the number of websites a language possess. A survey conducted by the W3Techs finalises that French is the 5 most used language on the internet.

5. French speakers tripled since 1945

The number of French speakers been tripled since 1945. This is because former French and Belgian colonies kept French as their language of the government, education and science even after decolonization. This is a phenomenal increase in the number of French speakers.

6. A fast-growing language

The French language is growing faster than any other languages. A study by the French investment bank Natixis, suggests that French will be spoken by 750 million people by the year 2050. in the future French could be the most spoken language ahead of English and even Chinese Mandarin.

7. The official language in 29 countries

An official language of a country means the language is given a special legal status in a particular country. 29 independent countries around the world hail French as their official language.

8. An important language in 57 countries

According to the Francophonie international, French is used as a secondary language of communication in 28 countries apart from the 29 countries. So in total French is an important language in 57 countries around the world.

9. A language of world trade

Geographically French-speaking countries account for 20% of world trade in goods. That is 1/5th of the world trade takes place in the French-speaking areas.

10. A language of G8 countries

France and Canada are part of the worlds most powerful G8 countries. These two countries speak French.

11. A language of Europe

French is the third most spoken language of Europe and is the main language in 5 European countries. These five countries are France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Monaco.

12. A language of Africa

French is spoken in 26 African countries. 120 million people speak French in Africa, thus the continent with the most French speakers of the world.

13. A true global language

Each and every continent across the world has a country or a province where French is the main language. So, French is the only language used in all the continents across the world after English.

14. Powerful language of teachers

As per Francophonie international, there are an estimated 900,000 French teachers worldwide. This number is set to rise as demand for the French teachers are increasing day by day.

15. A language of media

French is a powerful language of international media. The international French TV channel TV5 Monde is transmitted across 202 countries worldwide. This is next to BBC and CNN.

16. A language of international organizations

French is an official language in the international organizations like United Nations Organization, European Union, UNESCO, Olympics, Red Cross, International Labour Union, Amnesty International, Arab League, Doctors without borders, African Union, NATO, WTO and many more.

17. A language of Tourism

French is a language of international tourism. France is the worlds number one tourist destination. Around 85 million tourists visit France every year. This is because the country is strategically situated at the heart of Europe.

18. You already know some French

You are reading this post means you already know English. If you know English then French is easier to learn. About 45% of the words are common in both English and French, which means you already know thousands of French words.

19. A language of culinary arts

French is a language of culinary arts. French cuisine is considered to be one of the finest in the world. Thousands of French words are used in the hotels and restaurant across the world. French culinary terms are quite important in the culinary schools globally.

20. A soft language

Phonetically French sounds the most beautiful. French phonetics makes it a soft, melodious and romantic language.

21. A language of diplomacy

30% of the European Commission documents are originally published in French. So, French is still a language of diplomacy.

22. A popular language

Potential of a language can be measured from the number of student learning a particular language. 120 million students learn French worldwide. So, French is a very popular language among the student community.

23. A business language

French is considered to be the 3rd global business language. French is the second business language of the Eurozone and the 3rd business language in the world.

24. A language of international communication

International communication is the communication process that occurs across international borders. French is a powerful language of international communication. The professionals who possess the ability to effectively communicate across cultures are in high demand.

25. A language of cultural heritage

France is considered to be one of the most important cultural hubs of the world. Learning the French language will help you to understand its rich history of culture and traditions.

26. A language of fashion

France is considered to be the fashion capital of the world. French designers have long created the most renowned and coveted fashion brands in the world.

27. A language of arts and architecture

France is world renowned for its arts and architecture. French art has had a major impact on the art of the western world. France can fairly be said to have been a leader in the development of Gothic art.

28. A language of science and technology

France has a very long history in the field of science and technology. A few French inventions are the parachute, stethoscope, hair-dryer, Braille letters, neon lamps, modern parachutes, submarine, etc.

29. A language of love

A survey by Google Translate found that French is the most of used language to translate romantic translations. The study concluded that out of 1000 phrases in France, 34 were of a romantic in nature.

30. A language to learn other languages

Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Romanian are languages derived from the old Latin language. Once you learn French then it will be easier for you to learn any of the above languages. So, French is a gateway to learn other languages.

31. A language for higher education

Learning French opens up the opportunities to study at renowned French universities and business schools. French government offers scholarships to enrol in postgraduate courses in France for students with a good level of French.

32. A language of sports

French is a language of the world Olympic movement. The official languages of the “International Olympic Movement” is French and English.

33. A language of films

More than 300 films are produced in the French language every year. Every year over 200 million people watch French films. “The minions” were created by the French animation studio Mac Guff.

34. A language of the job market

Many companies need French language experts for their business communication. Proficiency in French not only opens opportunities in your country but it can help you get a job in any of the 30+ francophone countries.

35. A language of an economic power

France is the 5th largest economy in the world. So, French is the language of the 5th largest economy which makes it a powerful language in demand.

36. A language of international aerospace

The French cities of Toulouse and Montreal are the world’s leading cities in aerospace. Toulouse is in France and Montreal is in Canada. Toulouse has some well-known aerospace engineering colleges.

37. Learning French could increase your pay

Speaking more than one language increases your pay. If you speak French you will be paid more because there are far fewer bilinguals to choose from. A recent study by salary.com finds bilinguals are paid 5 – 20% more than their counterparts.

38. Many exchange opportunities

There are many student exchange programs not only in France but also in the French-speaking areas of Switzerland and Canada. These programs offer rewarding experiences. Thousands of French schools around the world are interconnected making into world’s largest educational network.

39. Become a bold traveller

Knowing French can make you a better world traveller. This is because you can extensively command French in wide-ranging areas of Canada, the islands of Caribbean, West Africa, North Africa, parts of middle east and even in Oceania

40. Improves your I.Q.

On the general context learning, a language can improve your I.Q and even improves your memory. Psychological studies have found that learning a language is a great asset to your cognitive process.



Aravind Pasupathy, is the founder of Fluencyjet a polyglot, fluent in 6 languages and holding the Guinness World Record on memorizing 270 binary numbers in one minute. The purpose of his world record was to create an awareness on easy learning methods.

He condensed his years of research and travel experience to create the 8 Step fluency method to learn a language faster.  

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